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MPS Tower Cranes supply cranes and parts worldwide for Comedil, Liebherr, Wolff, Kroll, Peiner, Linden/Comansa, Potain, Saez & Raimondi. See Used Equipment for more details.


MPS Background:

Welcome to MPS Tower Cranes - Official Worldwide distributor for New Terex-Towers. MPS has been a trusted and reliable partner with Terex since Terex entered the tower crane market. We also offer a large selection of quality used equipment. All are offered with full technical back up 24 hrs a day - We are committed to providing service on a global scale by creating performance from cost effective solutions. If you are in need of a new or used tower crane please click on relevant tab on the menu bar above.

MPS Tower Cranes has over 40 years of experience in the tower crane business and with a global customer base MPS is able to place new & used equipment efficiently.

Mike Studd – formerly of Hewden Stewart was recruited by Comedil in the early 1990’s to help Comedil grow from the local Italian company then to an international presence.. Mike introduced & set up Select Plant owned by friend Ray O’Rourke as dealers and end users for Comedil in the UK. Select then took Mike on to head up the tower crane division which became the dominant presence in the UK market with Comedils seen all over the UK sky line. Requirements in London called for larger range of “luffers” and with Mike and Rays guidance Comedil designed and produced one of the leading ranges of luffing jib cranes in the world today.

Mikes son Paul was employed by Comedil in 1995 to introduce the Comedil brand to the North & South American markets. Firm believers in the Crawler Crane this took some doing but steadily over the next couple of years Comedils started to arrive in the US. The need for larger capacity cranes than the CT703 a 12t machine with 70m jib was soon apparent and this was relayed to the engineers at Comedil leading to the development of the larger “Flat Top” series now very popular in the USA and around the world.

In 1999 Paul approached Fil Filipov then CEO of the Terex Corporation with regard to buying cranes for their fleet..the answer given was “no – they were not interested in buying cranes but possibly the company”!. Paul arranged the meeting between Terex and Comedil at the Intermat Fare in Paris later that year which led to the purchase of Comedil by Terex.

In 2001 Mike and Paul opened MPS Tower cranes to trade new and used cranes around the world whilst still working with Select and the now Terex Towers. Between 2001 and 2009 MPS became one of the largest dealers of Terex worldwide.

Since 2001 MPS has become a leader in sales of tower cranes globally with a client base over 1000 strong. The addition of Pat Gigante in 2005 and Mauro Masetti in 2011 (formerly in sales at Comedil for 10 years ) heading the sales has further increased MPS opportunities worldwide and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Terex supplying to existing clients and pursuing new areas.

The addition of subsidiary Churchill Cranes Ltd in 2007 to cover sales in the UK market.


MPS Tower Cranes has a global customer base; 24/7 service with outstanding references and a proven track record.

Service, spare parts and same day answers available worldwide. Technical back-up 24 hours a day. Click here to contact us.


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